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My career in DJing started around 12 years ago when I was living in London, UK. At the time, I was working for an event management company planning parties for all the biggest clubs in the West End. My roommates at the time had decks setup at our place and as I was always so connected to music, having that equipment to use on a regular basis was like a dream come true. I eventually learned how to beat match (kids these days will never know the struggle) and because of all my connections in the events/club industry, I quickly started getting gigs all over London. 

I'll forever be grateful for that first year of DJing. Playing different venues that wanted different genres of music really made me appreciate and love all music so deeply. It also gave me the ability to see how people would react to different songs and genres. I felt like I really got to study the music on a psychological level.


Within a year, I was the resident DJ for the VIP room at Chinawhite, London where I started an old school Hip-Hop night and later asked to be one of the resident DJ's for Amnesia, Ibiza. My musical journey after that took me all around Europe playing in Russia, Denmark, Italy and so many more incredible places. I started DJing for events like the Brit Awards afterparty, Gerard Butler's birthday, London Fashion Week, Red Bull sporting events, store openings and more. I got introduced to weddings and was flown all around Europe to DJ for them.


Now, being back in Canada, I've stepped back from the club world to focus mainly on events, weddings and more lounge type vibes. I'm proud to be a part of the Red Bull Canada events, Flygirl Pride events and I DJ around 30+ weddings a year here in BC and feel fortunate to be able to do so.

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Soundcloud link coming soon!

Looking to book me for an event?


Feel free to get in touch below with a few details on your event (date, hours needed, type of event, if you'll need equipment, etc) and I'll get back to you ASAP.

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