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My name is Nathalie and I'm the founder and designer for Nat the Label, formerly known as Chic Little Boho. NTL is all that is me creatively. It’s a place where I can showcase my artistry in all avenues that I'm involved in. Music. Events. Clothing design. Woodwork. Whether it’s taking a piece of fabric and turning it into a garment or using different genres of music to create a unique event for people to feel liberated in, being able to ‘create’ is where my passions lie. It's what gives me the greatest sense of purpose and fulfilment. ​

Why the name change?

When Covid first hit, it was clear the world had changed in a big way. Events were cancelled. Fashion changed. I lost my job. I started making masks, initially to help people, but then ended up turning it into more of a business, as no one really needed dresses anymore and masks were a necessity. With everything being so uncertain, it was the only clear path I could picture to make some sort of job and income for myself. A sense of purpose if you will.

After making masks for nearly a year, I really lost my identity as a designer. I didn't know what Chic Little Boho would be or meant to me anymore. I felt it could only be catered towards one type of style and I had tarnished the brand and my creativity by only making masks.


I took some time to consider my brand and myself, creatively. I realised that who I am as a person and what I do in life is based around creativity. Not just in my clothing design, but with my music and events too. And, with those revelations now in place, Nat the Label came into fruition.

I’m so happy to have a place where I can share my ideas and designs with everyone, in all aspects of my creativity. I understand the importance of having this in my life and that it plays a crucial role in who I am. I hope that you enjoy the things that I create and I look forward to exploring where else that might take me.

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